Asashio small boat boarding pier


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Asashio small boat boarding pier details

Business hours of the pier 12:00-22:00
By train Kachidoki Station of Toei Oedo Line 6-minute walk from Exit A4a
By taxi About 10 minutes from stations of JR Line "Yurakucho" and Subway "Ginza" "Higashi Ginza"

Address and information around the pier

Address: Near 3-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
*Next to Reimeibashi Park

The pier is located next to the municipal Reimeibashi Park, and there is also Harumi Island Triton Square across Harumi Street. Reimeibashi Park is a good place to get together with other guests. There is a convenience store within a 3-minute walk.

Parking lot

★Harumi Triton parking (1-8-16 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
 7:00-23:30, Open throughout the year
 400 yen for the first hour and 200 yen per 30 minutes afterward

★Syscon Park Harumi (Near 3-7 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
 Open 24 hours, Open throughout the year
 300 yen/30 min (7:00-20:00)
 100 yen/60 min (20:00-7:00)
 Maximum rate 3,200 yen per day

*The parking fare may be changed without notice.

Asashio small boat boarding pier Panoramic view

It is a floating pier, and a yakatabune can arrive at either the right or left side. This pier has good access from the center of Tokyo and is the most frequently used by passengers, since many types of yakatabune are available. Since Reimeibashi Park is just next to the pier, it is easy for guests to get together and wait for boarding.

Asashio small boat boarding pier Entrance

Walk the promenade along the Sumida River and go down the slope to the boarding pier. Since it is a floating pier, the angle of the slope varies according to the height of the tide. Thus, there are steps to prevent you from slipping on the slope. After a yakatabune arrives at the pier, the guests will move to the boarding pier.

Asashio small boat boarding pier Around the pier

The promenade along the Sumida river is connected to the pier. Reimeibashi Park, on the left in the photo, is where guests can get together. There are many condominiums around the area. Please be considerate of the residents in the surrounding area.

Reimeibashi Park, next to the pier

This is an entrance from Harumi Street on Reimeibashi Park, next to the pier. In the park, there are public toilets you can use before and after the cruise. You can go down the promenade through the black gate in the back.