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List of yakatabune


:2-10 people
  • There are 10 seats available at the beautiful counter made of Japanese cypress.
  • Taste ”Sushi Kaiseki” prepared in front of you by the head chef
  • A luxurious cooking course that combines 10 dishes from appetizers to sweets, as well as specially selected nigiri sushi.

This boat can be chartered by a minimum of 2 adults and can accommodate up to 10 people.
It is popular with overseas customers who want to enjoy both the spectacular view of Tokyo Bay and Japanese sushi kaiseki.

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Segawa-maru (No. 7)

Segawa-maru mooring on the Sumida River
:50 people
  • Authentic Japanese-style yakatabune where you can enjoy a Japanese atmosphere inside the boat.
  • Tables and chairs are also available so that you can stretch your legs.
  • A magnificent view of Tokyo Bay is enjoyed from the observation deck on the 2nd floor.

A large yakatabune with a passenger capacity of 80 people maximum. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a yakatabune with an authentic Japanese interior. "Table style" or "tatami style" can be chosen at your request.

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Ebiya-maru with Asakusa in the background
:40 people
  • The Japanese-style tatami room is a comfortable space with full air conditioning.
  • Perfect commemorative photos on the spacious observation deck.
  • It can be chartered for a small number of passengers.

Ebiya-maru is a big yakatabune with a Japanese look from its external appearance to its interior. You can enjoy the atmosphere in the Japanese-style tatami room inside the boat. Please take photos of the beautiful scenery of Tokyo Bay and commemorative photos on the rooftop observation deck.

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The 15th Mame-maru

The appearance of The 15th Mame-maru with night view of Odaiba in the background.
:70 people
  • Equipped with a large sky deck
  • A big yakatabune for up to 70 people
  • Part of the seats are comfortable built-in kotatsu.

The 15th Mame-maru is a big yakatabune for up to 70 people. It is equipped with a sky deck and a built-in kotatsu where guests can comfortably stretch their legs.

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Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only)

:20-60 people
  • Free karaoke
  • It can be chartered from a small number of people.

A medium-sized yakatabune for up to 60 people in Yokohama. The room inside the boat is a Japanese-style tatami room.

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Appearance of a small yakatabune Yumemizuki
:18 people
  • The only small yakatabune in Tokyo Bay, specially manufactured for a small number of passengers
  • Best to charter for a group of up to 20 people
  • Guests from overseas can comfortably enjoy the cruise in this high-ceilinged boat.

This small yakatabune, the only one of its kind in Tokyo Bay, was custom-built for ferrying a small number of passengers. You can charter it for a group of 2 to 20 people. The ceiling of the boat is high, so tall foreign guests can be comfortable on the boat.

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Mid Blue (Cruiser)

Mid Blue mooring on the visitor berth at Yumenoshima Marina
:20 people
  • A stylish cruiser with luxury and friendliness
  • You can enjoy various situations in the cabin or on the decks.
  • It is a stylish all-around cruiser, also good for BBQs on the deck.

It is one of the best stylish cruisers for an extraordinary party for about 20 guests. You can enjoy a variety of situations on the boat, not only in the cabin but also on the rear deck and front deck, which is an attraction of a Western-style yakatabune (cruiser).

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Lucas (Cruiser)

Photo of Lucas
:70 people
  • Spacious room on the 1st floor of the boat for up to 70 people.
  • Illumination inside the boat livens up the party.
  • A spacious rooftop deck allows the taking of a group photo of a large number of guests.

It is a large-sized party boat renovated in 2018. Its spacious floor is a great attraction of this boat. We can arrange various layouts for parties. Rainbow illumination in the boat livens up the party.

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Celebrity II (Cruiser)

Light-up Celebrity 2 mooring to the pier
:100 people
  • A large-size Western-style yakatabune (cruiser) for up to 210 people.
  • It is a three-story boat, and those three floors can be used for various purposes.
  • A big party with more than 100 guests can be organized on a floor.

It is the biggest charter boat on Tokyo Bay, with a passenger capacity of 210 people maximum. A total of three stories, two stories inside the boat and the rooftop deck, can be used for gorgeous, extraordinary parties.

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