Yakatabune Iwaiya | Tokyo YokohamaYakatabune Iwaiya | Tokyo Yokohama

Q: Do yakatabune set sail on rainy days?

A: If it is an ordinary rainy day, yakatabune will set sail. However, in the case of extreme weather that makes it difficult for us to secure passengers’ safety such as a typhoon or strong wind, we may cancel our service. In this case, we will make a proposal for a substitute plan including party venue as much as we can. Please contact the concierge in charge.


Q: Do your crew members speak English?

A: Our English-speaking crew will be on board a chartered yakatabune if necessary. Please let us know. Our shared-ride yakatabune may or may not have English-speaking crew. Please ask the concierge in charge in advance.


Q: Is it All-you-can-drink?

A: It is All-you-can-drink. Although we prepare plenty of drinks of various kinds, some kinds may be out of stock if they are very popular among guests. We can prepare specific drinks more than our usual number, so please let us know in advance.


Q: Can we extend the cruising time?

A: You can extend the cruising time of a chartered yakatabune. However, the cruising time of a shared-ride yakatabune is scheduled and extension is not available.


Q: Can we move from Tokyo to Yokohama?

A: We do not sail yakatabune with passengers from Tokyo to Yokohama for safety reasons, since we would have to sail outside the dike in the larger waves of the open sea. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.