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Hospitality of Iwaiya

The mission of Iwaiya is to support the best celebrations in a yakatabune. We will provide a dream-like party on a yakatabune featuring events such as breaking open a ceremonial sake barrel (kagami-wari) or enjoying a tuna cutting show. Everything is planned for customers to enjoy the best anniversary.
We will do our best to achieve any request in our custom-made boarding plan. Other companies may sneer at us, but we believe that we are allowed to operate such a "too kind" and party-loving yakatabune.


Boarding plan


We will introduce the main cruise courses of the yakatabune and their highlights. If you go aboard Iwaiya's chartered yakatabune, you can freely choose a boarding pier and cruise course as you like. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery that varies according to season and time of day.


You can choose your favorite course from various food plans. In the charter plan with a number of people, you can combine a few menus. Please enjoy various foods including Japanese cuisine.



The following are questions we are often asked by customers. Please use them when you make a plan. Please feel free to ask any questions other than the following.

Media coverage

We have been covered by various media such as magazines and TV programs. Please see and use them as information when you make your ideal yakatabune plan.