BBQ on the boat (only for the Cruiser)

Steak grilled on the BBQ grill and colorful vegetables.

BBQ on the boat (only for the Cruiser) details

You can enjoy authentic BBQ on the boat in this course. This plan is only for the cruiser.

Details of the menu

  • Southern country salad with homemade mango sauce
  • Rich-tasting jerk chicken with herb flavor and seasonal vegetables
  • Hot chorizo and basil sausage
  • Rich, thickly-sliced pork shoulder steak and grilled seasonal vegetables
  • Thick, 100% beef Hamburg steak
  • Sirloin steak, the king of meat, and grilled seasonal vegetables
  • Seafood paella
  • Choco banana marshmallow
  • Popcorn


4,000 yen (tax excluded) per person

*The price does not include the passage fare.

*Including BBQ grill and ingredients

*One of our crew members will help you use the grill, so even beginners can enjoy BBQ.