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Washoku gozen

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Washoku gozen details

Authentic Japanese cuisine with sashimi (raw fish) and tempura.
This menu is only for the Shared-ride plan and depends on Yakatabune which you are suggested.

The menu is just an example, and details may vary depending on the ship you board.

Details of the menu

  • The first appetizer (2 dishes) Tofu mixed with green peas, lily bulb/ raw tofu skin,Soy-sauce-marinated salmon,Matsumae-style wasabi 
  • The second appetizer  Boiled field mustard in a small pot, foie gras jelly, cheese egg, pickled horse mackerel
  • Sashimi Assortment of seasonal fish with vegetables and wasabi
  • Grilled plate Roast beef,colorful vegetables,mustard vinegar
  • Cooked plate Taro, shrimp, chestnut, wheat gluten, and okra with minced meat sauce
  • Fried plate Tempura fried on the boat: shrimp, sand borer, squid, Conger eel, butterbur scape, sweet potato
  • Rice and others Bamboo shoot rice, Japanese consommé soup
  • Pickles Assortment
  • Fruits Seasonal fruits

※The details may be changed depending on the availability of ingredients.


12,000 yen (tax included) per person