Chef’s special buffet

Mediterranean-style paella

Chef’s special buffet details

Special buffet perfect for a cruising party. Enjoy a gorgeous southern island buffet on a yakatabune. 

Details of the menu

  • Two types of cocktails and cup tarts

-Tea duck with smoked whole-grain mustard tartar sauce -Prosciutto and whipped berry flavor mascarpone

  • Pincho-style bagel sandwich
  • Vegetable with tomato sauce tian
  • Greek-style escabeche of colorful vegetables and fish
  • Herb-crusted grilled mussels with basil-flavored couscous
  • Herb flavored fried chicken with fried potato
  • Roast beef with colorful grilled vegetables
  • Today’s short pasta
  • Mediterranean-style paella
  • Homemade caramel panna cotta


3,500 yen (tax excluded) per person

*The price does not include the passage fare.