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Details of the boat AKANE

Boarding pier 1 Asashio small boat pier (Kachidoki pier)
Boarding pier 2 Azumabashi Pier
Boarding pier 3 Ryogoku Pier
Boarding pier 4 Odaiba Seaside Park small boat terminal

Outline of AKANE

[Capacity] 85 people (seating up to 10 people)

[Facilities] 2nd floor deck, sound equipment, air conditioner, AED installed

[Restroom] 2 Western-style flush toilets

[Smoking] No smoking inside the ship, smoking allowed on deck


This houseboat has counter seating, something that traditional houseboats do not have.


There are only 10 seats at the beautiful Japanese cypress counter inside the soft-colored interior, which is mainly made of white wood.

The craftsmen’s work unfolding right in front of your eyes and the dazzling night view of Tokyo Bay will add a touch of bliss to your time.

The ship has been designed with a high-quality, calm and elegant interior so that you can spend a relaxing and special time with your loved ones.

Details of the inside of AKANE [1]


Inside the ship, you can feel a warm atmosphere.
There are 10 counter seats made of cypress wood.

Details of the inside of AKANE [2]

晴海屋あかね 寿司懐石

This is a luxurious course that combines ten dishes from appetizers to sweets, as well as specially selected nigiri sushi.
Harumiya's executive chef, who honed his skills at a restaurant in a famous hotel, stands at the counter and serves elegant and sophisticated kaiseki cuisine that incorporates Japanese cooking techniques into high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the country.

Details of the inside of AKANE [3]


There is also a sky deck on the second floor, so you can take photos with a spectacular view of Tokyo Bay.
There is no dress code, so please come in comfortable attire.

This yakatabune is also popular.