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Celebrity II (Cruiser)

Light-up Celebrity 2 mooring to the pier

Details of the boat Celebrity II (Cruiser)

Boarding pier 1 Odaiba Palette Town pier
Boarding pier 2 Takeshiba small boat boarding pier (Takeshiba small boat terminal)
Boarding pier 3 Ariake passenger ship terminal
Boarding pier 4 Minatomirai Pukari pier (Yokohama)
Boarding pier 5 The Pier in front of the Osanbashi Wharf Bldg.(Yokohama)
Basic cruise course 1 The magnificent Odaiba view course
Basic cruise course 2 The magnificent Yokohama view course

Outline of Celebrity II (Cruiser)

A maximum of 210 passengers can come on board, making this the biggest chartered party boat in Tokyo Bay. The boat’s greatest attraction is its ability to allow you to host a luxurious and free party on three floors that can be freely used according to your purposes. Not only the layout on the boat but also the decoration can be arranged as you like, so we can make an optimal proposal according to the purpose of your party. We can cope with large-scale entertainment requiring waiting rooms by using the boat’s large space.

Details of the inside of Celebrity II (Cruiser) [1]

Inside the boat of Celebrity II luxuriously decorated with a table cloth and flowers.

The main 2nd floor is a spacious party hall. The layout of tables and chairs can be arranged freely, so we will make an optimal layout according to the details and purposes of your party.

Details of the inside of Celebrity II (Cruiser) [2]

Inside the boat * decorated with a table cloth and flowers

The 1st floor is also available as party space. If you have a large-scale party, you can use the 1st floor as a cloakroom or as waiting rooms for entertainers. Thus, you can use the space in various ways.

Details of the inside of Celebrity II (Cruiser) [3]

Inside the boat * with buffet dishes on the buffet table and gorgeously decorated with balloons and flowers

Any kind of decoration is available for the boat. So, it is good for celebrations such as anniversaries and wedding receptions. You can break open a ceremonial sake barrel (kagami-wari) on a stage.

Details of the inside of Celebrity II (Cruiser) [4]

About 70 party guests after a wedding reception on the rooftop deck of the Western-style yakatabune, with Tokyo Bay in the background.

The 3rd floor rooftop deck is an observation deck. It is a nice place for taking commemorative photos with a magnificent view of Tokyo Bay as the backdrop. It is the greatest attraction of this boat to have one's guests enjoy a luxurious party using all three floors.

This yakatabune is also popular.