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Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only)


Details of the boat Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only)

Boarding pier Minatomirai Pukari pier (Yokohama)
Basic cruise course Yokohama Minatomirai

Outline of Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only)

Yakatabune traveling mainly in Minatomirai (Shinko) Yokohama. Up to 60 passengers can be on the boat. (Charter is available from 20 passengers.) * Shared-ride plan may be available for up to 20 passengers. The friendly and kind hostess is an attraction of “Tsuki-maru”! Original Japanese sake is available! Home-like yakatabune where you can be truly relaxed.

Details of the inside of Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only) [1]


Up to 60 passengers can go on board.
You will get on the boat from the front.

Details of the inside of Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only) [2]


The inside of the boat is authentic Japanese-style. The layout can be changed according to the number of people.
You can use karaoke with the front monitor.

Details of the inside of Tsuki-maru (Yokohama only) [3]

The bottom of the boat has a special structure, so you can have a comfortable time without feeling any rolling.
The simple design of this yakatabune is suitable for any kind of party!

This yakatabune is also popular.