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Magician details

An experienced magician will perform fantastic, amazing magic that makes party guests of any age smile. You will never figure out the tricks even when watching the magician up close. It really is just like real magic. 

Many people watch magic shows on TV but few ever get to watch a live magic show. Once you see the seemingly miraculous tricks, you will be captivated!

From a large-scale stage magic show that can be enjoyed by all guests, to a table magic show that allows a small number of guests to see the tricks close to the magician. Various types of magic shows are available depending on the number of guests. It is a fashionable entertainment for corporate parties, year-end parties, wedding receptions, and surprise parties. All the guests will enjoy the show and the party will be a great success. Experience the wonderful and amazing show yourself. You will be appreciated as a competent party organizer!


Price:50,000 yen – 

This option is also popular.