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Tuna cutting show


Tuna cutting show details

Tuna is one of the typical Japanese food ingredients. It is used for sushi and sashimi. If you eat delicious tuna dissembled by a chef in front of you, it will be an experience beyond description. You can enjoy cruising on a yakatabune and the luxurious and precious experience of the tuna-cutting show. The chef will dissemble an entire tuna with a sword-like knife for tuna cutting. 

The chef will cheer up the atmosphere on the boat with his lively microphone performance and show his elegant use of a tuna knife. The show is very impressive and fascinates guests, both children and adults.

Dissembled tuna will be cut into pieces and you can enjoy them. The fresh tuna is very delicious. The chef will make sushi and sashimi with his great skill and provide various tuna dishes according to the parts.

The chef dissembles an entire tuna into fins, head, and body, and makes sashimi. Some guests enjoy tuna without dipping it in soy sauce so that they can savor the original, unadulterated taste of the tuna.

The guests enjoy seeing the cutting show and also eating fresh and tasty tuna, which will make them very happy. It is a great, entertaining show for celebrations and for guests from overseas. Please consider this excellent entertainment in which you can enjoy watching and eating.


Price:280,000 yen – 

*Prices vary depending on the size of the tuna and season.

This option is also popular.