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Kagami-wari details

People have broken open a sake barrel at celebrations or commemorative events since the olden days. Some of you may have seen such a scene on TV. The time-honored meaning of this traditional event is that breaking the lid releases good fortune. With a shout of “Yoisho!,” the lid of the sake barrel is opened, making the atmosphere of a party really exciting. It is a great option for a celebration.

After the lid is successfully opened, the sake in the barrel is shared with all the guests and they make a toast. This has the meaning of sharing fortune. It is an event that carries good omens and a great option for corporate anniversary parties, wedding receptions, and celebrations where you want to share your happiness with all the party guests. Overseas guests are impressed by this event as a unique Japanese ceremony. 

The beautiful kagami-wari actually needs a lot of work including the delivery of the barreled sake, preparations, and clean up. Iwaiya’s special staff members will do all the work involved in the kagami-wari so that you can fully enjoy this event. 


Price: 70,000 yen – 

This option is also popular.