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Rental yukata


Rental yukata details

Want to enjoy a yakatabune wearing a Japanese kimono? To meet such requests, we prepare Japanese summer kimono as an option in cooperation with the beauty salon. You can enjoy the Japanese summer more in a yukata, and also, wearing a yukata will make an anniversary such as a birthday or girls’ party very special.

In our course, we will help you put on a yukata and arrange your hair with matching accessories. You will be a picture-perfect Japanese beauty. The more the customers, the bigger the discount you can get. How about having all the passengers get on the boat wearing yukata?


We have various colors and patterns of yukata, so you will surely find a favorite. Some patterns are very popular, so please make an inquiry as early as possible.

[Our yukata collection]

You will be dressed in a yukata at a beauty salon in Minami-aoyama and move to the boarding pier for the yakatabune. Our limousine service is also available from the beauty salon to the pier. Please feel free to make an inquiry with our concierge.

This option is also popular.