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Mochi-tsuki details


Why don’t you try freshly-made rice cake (mochi) with fine texture and smooth elasticity on a yakatabune or Western-style yakatabune (cruiser)?

We prepare rice cake to make a big round rice cake (kagami-mochi) for the Shinto god on New Year. People have prepared kagami-mochi on New Year since the Heian period.

In ancient Japan, people had beliefs related to the rice harvest, and paddy rice was thought to be sacred and have a “paddy spirit.” Thus, rice from paddies was thought to be sacred food that strengthened people’s vitality, and preparing rice cakes (mochi-tsuki), in which steamed rice is pounded and made into round-shaped rice cakes, became a special, celebrated event.

In mochi-tsuki, the one who pounds steamed rice and the other who turns the pounded rice have to do their task while having a feeling of oneness, to make it a special event that would create a connection between the participants. 

It is the best option for Iwaiya who loves celebration. 

Special staff members of Iwaiya will be present to support the mochi-tsuki. They will explain the method of doing mochi-tsuki, finish the pounded rice cake, and distribute them! Children can also try mochi-tsuki. 

Today, few people get to experience mochi-tsuki in their lives. How about trying mochi-tsuki for a family gathering, corporate party, or international exchange event on the charter cruise?

Price:Ask the staff.

This option is also popular.